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Do you grind your teeth? It's a subconscious habit that many people have, which can lead to damaged teeth, headaches, a sore jawbone, and other issues. Aaron Payne, DDS can help solve your issues with a custom-made dental guard.


If you know or suspect you're grinding your teeth, let us help you. Aaron Payne, DDS has more than 20 years of experience helping people overcome this issue. Contact us today for your appointment.

You don't have to suffer from teeth grinding

Enjoy the benefits of a dental guard

Custom sports dental guards provided by Aaron Payne, DDS can be an excellent way to protect your teeth while playing sports. No matter what age you are, our team can help you with dental guards. Call us to schedule an appointment.


Additionally, our team offers snoring prevention guards. These guards move your lower jaw to allow better air passage while you're sleeping.

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Protect your teeth with a dental guard